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Best Online and Offline Free Android Games

Online and Offline Free Android Game

Today we are going to talk about Top Free Android Games, in this list, information about Trending Games and All Time Best Games is going to be given, in which some are online and some are offline. You can download and install them for free from Google Play Store from the link given below –

#1 PUBG Mobile

PLAYER UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS – PUBG, as you all know. From the year 2018 till now, the most PUBG Mobile Game is in trend. PUBG has more than 100M downloads on Google Play Store, it is an Original Battle Royal Game.

In PUBG, 100 players parachute to an island 8×8 km away for a Winner-Takes-All Showdown. In this you have to find and scrape your own weapons, vehicles and supplies and defeat all players in a graphically and tactically rich battleground that turns players into a shrinking play zone. gives. You can do anything to stay alive in PUBG Game.

#2 Asphalt 8 Airborne

Basically this is an Offline or Online Car Racing game which in my opinion is better than any other Car Wale Game. Children are very fond of this game because in this you will get to see amazing graphics, maps and cars. You can change the controls as per your wish and experience a better racing game.

#3 Brawl Stars

Brawl Star is a mobile game that has more than 50M downloads on the Google Play Store. Brawl Star is a Fast-Paced Arena Brawler (fast-paced arena bowler) that is different from other games on the Play Store. There are different Game-Mode in it, so whenever you log-in to this game, you always get something new to play. All the game modes in it are fun in their own unique way.

#4 Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is such a free game, which has about 100 million players, this game has more than 100M downloads on Google Play Store. This is an Ultimate Survival Shooter Game. This game is somewhat similar to PUBG Game, in which you have to survive till the end of the game with a lot of Adversity.

#5 Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is such a mobile game, which is very old but currently very much in trend. This game has around 500 million players, it has more than 500M downloads on Google Play Store. In Candy Crush Saga you have to switch and match colored candies. Many different levels keep coming in this game, so this game is liked by everyone from children to elders.

#6 Ninja Arashi

This is a great Offline Ninja Game, which I have also completed twice. Small children will like it very much because in this you get to play about 45 levels in 3 different maps. It is like a whole story in which you get new ways and challenges. It is very easy to control and play, since it is an offline game, it is really great. In my opinion, whether you download any other game or not, you must do it.

#7 Mini Militia

This is an Online Shooting Game in which 5 to 6 other players play with you. There are different modes in which you can play with the team and also alone. In this you get 5 different maps in which you can play according to your choice. In this there is a round of 6 to 7 minutes and all the players try to kill each other and in the end the one who kills the most players wins. In this, you can change many Gun during the game and can also use Bomb.

#8 Zombie Catchers

This is a fun game, in which you have to catch zombies and sell them by making juice and collect money. In this you will get more than 100 levels, in which many different types of zombies have to be caught and sold.

#9 Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is a game that has been captured with modern visuals and design. Sky Force Reloaded has more than 50 lakh downloads. It will keep you hooked with its great gameplay, mechanics, progression system and in-game collectibles. Sky Force Reloaded Game attracts you with Beautiful Environments and Intense Effects, you must play it once.

#10 Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Pro Evolution Soccer has been a huge hit among football fans for a long time. While the game has traditionally been played on PlayStation and PC. In recent years it’s also available on mobile, it’s a really cool game – it’s free, but if you pay, you might be able to get extra players.

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