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5 Mistakes To Be Avoided While Going To Kashmir Holiday

5 Mistakes To Be Avoided While Going To Kashmir Holiday

One of India’s most picturesque regions, Kashmir is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, verdant valleys, snow-capped mountains, as well as comfortable weather. Thousands of visitors travel to Kashmir each year to take in the breathtaking scenery. Nonetheless, there are a few common errors that travellers make whether organizing or actually visiting Kashmir. We’ll go over the top 5 errors to avoid in this post so you may have a hassle-free, fun Kashmir Holiday.

1.    Not planning the itinerary properly

Kashmir has so much to offer in terms of sightseeing places as well as activities that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Many tourists make the mistake of not planning their itinerary properly and end up missing out on the best places or rushing through locations. It is important to research popular tourist attractions in Kashmir like Dal Lake, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonamarg etc and decide how many days you want to spend at each place. You should also factor in the travel time as some places are further than others. Having a planned itinerary will help you make the most of your limited time in Kashmir.

2.    Not being prepared for the weather

The weather in Kashmir can be unpredictable as well as change suddenly. While summers are pleasant, winters are very cold with chances of snowfall. Many tourists get caught unaware without appropriate clothing. It is important to check the weather forecast for your travel dates as well as pack clothes accordingly. Carry warm jackets, sweaters, thermals, gloves, caps, mufflers etc in winters. Also, pack an umbrella or raincoat as there can be light rains even during summers. Being prepared for different weather conditions will help you enjoy your trip without any hassles.

3.    Not bargaining while shopping

Kashmir is famous for exquisite handicrafts like shawls, carpets, woodcarvings, paper machie items etc. Shopping is one of the top activities for tourists. The companies offering Kashmir packages from Jammucan also guide you with it. However, many get ripped off by paying the quoted prices without bargaining. Shopkeepers take advantage of those who are unaware of the local market rates. It is always a good idea to do some research on standard prices and then bargain to get a better deal. Start low and negotiate your way up. Bargaining is a normal practice in Kashmir markets, so do not hesitate to bring down the prices through polite negotiations.

4.    Not trying the local cuisine

The cuisine of Kashmir is as diverse and flavourful as its culture. Kashmir tours from Jammucan give you an enriching culinary experience.However, many stick to familiar food and miss out on experiencing the authentic local dishes. Do try the famous Wazwan feast which has over 30 dishes as well as other specialities like rogan josh, yakhni, tabak maaz and kahwa. Food stalls and restaurants serving local Kashmiri delicacies can be found across the valley. Indulging in the local cuisine is the best way to understand Kashmiri culture and hospitality. Carry some dry fruits, nuts and sweets from Kashmir to remember the flavours.

5.    Not being street-smart and alert

Like any popular tourist destination, Kashmir also has its share of touts and con artists trying to dupe tourists. It is important to stay alert and not appear like an easy target flaunting cash and valuables. Beware of people trying to misguide you or overcharge. Do not accept offers of help from strangers and be very careful while withdrawing or carrying money. Always carry your documents, some cash as well as cards. Inform your travel companions or hotel about your plans to stay safe. Use registered cabs or walk in groups during evenings. Being street-smart can help you avoid any untoward incidents and threats while travelling solo.


Kashmir is a paradise for nature and culture lovers. With proper planning and by avoiding common mistakes, tourists can make their Kashmir trip truly memorable. Do thorough research, pack appropriately, try the local flavours, bargain wisely and stay alert to come back with lifetime memories. Following these tips will help you enjoy the Jammu to Kashmir tour package to the fullest and create everlasting experiences.

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