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10 Best and Most Popular Cricket Games for Android

Cricket Games for Android

Cricket is such a game that people of almost every country like and most of the money rains in cricket only. From the game of cricket, where many well-known companies spend crores of rupees in branding their brands. So on the other hand, the fans of cricket are very eager to see the players of their country on any platform. And seeing all these things, many digital companies develop new Android games. Due to which those companies also get benefit of crores. And cricket lovers also enjoy playing the match through the game by playing the role of the players of their team. And today we are going to tell you about the top 5 Android games of cricket.

World Cricket Championship:

The number one best game is World Cricket Championship 2. Talking about its user, so far more than one crore people have downloaded this game in their Android phones, the specialty of this game is that the 3D graphics in this game is very good. Due to which cricket lovers also have the option of live mode in this game, you can also play in live mode, that is, you can play this game with your partner.

Let’s talk about the size of this game. Which will be easily installed in your Android phone. And you can enjoy this game comfortably, this game has a new update, which also has Hindi commentary, the size of this game is 138 MB. It is a very good and interesting game to play, its graphics are also very good.

ICC Pro Cricket 2015:

ICC Pro Cricket 2015 Android Game is one such game which is included in the Editor’s Choice. There are only two such games which are included in the editor’s choice, the first is World Cricket Championship 2 and the second is ICC Pro Cricket 2015. The specialty of this game is that the names of the players in this game are all original. Can’t play To play this game you must have more than 2GB graphics card in your mobile. And your Android version should be 4.2. In this game, you can play only two formats for free, the first is Quick Play and the second is World Tour, it has 4 formats. The remaining two formats are Batting Stars and ICC World Cup 2015.

The same when you will play this game on your Android phone, then you will not feel less than a cricket match going on in some field. The most special thing about the screen is that it also has live commentary. Talking about the users of this game, the number of users of this game is more than 50 lakhs. You can download this game by going to Play Store on your Android phone. The size of this game is 69 MB.

Real Cricket 2017:

This is a very good game for cricket lovers to experience cricket. You can play this game with your friends and can also beat them. In this game, you can also buy players to play the game by bidding on them like in the Premier League. It has many modes of cricket in which you can play with teams like Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa and England through Test matches, Championship Cup as well as T20 match game.

The graphics of this game are 2D graphics. So far this game has been downloaded by 10 million i.e. more than 1 crore people. The size of this game is 86 MB. Talking about the rating of this game, the rating of this game is 4.2. It has been made by a company named Nautilus Mobile Private Ltd of Hyderabad.

Stick Cricket Premier League:

Stick Cricket Premier League is such an Android game that will only give you a chance to bat, in this you cannot bowl. You will get many types of goals in this game, in which you can play games like IPL and BPL through the game. In this you can prepare your players yourself. And the captain can also be made, the experience of this game is also very good. The graphics of this game is just fine.

If we talk about the size of this game, then the size of this game is 33.96 approximately 40 MB. So far, more than 5 million i.e. 50 lakh people have downloaded the game of Stick Cricket Premier League in their mobiles. The rating of this game is 4.5. And this game has been designed in the United Kingdom and the name of the company is Stick Sports Limited.

Big Bash 2016:

The game was introduced after the introduction of the domestic 20-20 tournament in Australia. And very fast this game was also liked. The game “Big Bash 2016” includes all the official clubs of the 6th edition of BBL and also the 2nd edition of Women’s BBL. The specialty of this game is that women’s cricket is included in it. It has a fast play mode in which you can play a fast match of 2 overs. You can also play full 20 overs.

Now let’s talk about the size of the game, the size of this game is 88 MB. And so far 1 million people have downloaded this game. And enjoying it, the rating of this game is 4.5. This game has been developed by Cricket Australia in Melbourne.

Cricket T20 Fever 3D

This is another small game developed by an Indian company but there are lot of data saved in this game by which user can play different tournaments like ODI, Test match, World cup. It can be said that small packet big bang.

There are eight international teams to choose from. Cricket T20 Fever provides a great 3D experience to its users and it is well appreciated by its users which you can understand from the rating of play store.

World of Cricket

world of cricket gives a realistic feel with cartoony graphics. But the fun element of the game is to play a wide range of about 25 shots. Here you also get many bowling options with different bowling actions which are quite fun. And you will not get this experience in any other app.

Due to licensing constraints, the player names are also different. However, if you can ignore the details a bit, the game is a lot of fun to play and that’s why it earned a place in the top ten.

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